Medica Day3|The exhibition is in full swing, and Resvent team is committed to its original aspiration and diligent efforts!

Source:融昕医疗 Reading:585 Date:2023-11-17

The Medica 2023 exhibition is entering its third day. Although there was a local transportation strike in Germany on the second day, it did not affect the show on the third day. Resvent team continued to be ready for more customers.

Customers are very interested in Resvent's current development and future layout. In addition to lingering on the new products on the exhibition, they also have interesting and questions about Resvent's AI and digital medical services, intelligent cloud information systems. Resvent has currently deployed SaaS medical services, chronic respiratory disease management, digital therapy, digital twin patients and other digital medical services, and has a ResAssist cloud information system to help end users manage and track sleep data.

In addition, in terms of global layout, Resvent has set up branches in the United States and Canada to bring more convenient solutions and services to North American customers.

Thanks to the long-term trust and support of our customers, Resvent team adheres to the values of integrity, innovation, openness, and win-win cooperation, and upholds the corporate mission of revering life and safeguarding health. Through the unremitting efforts of Resvent people, we aim to become the world's most trusted respiratory health solution provider.

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