Resvent Medical is honored to be invited to participate in the China International High-Tech Achievement Fair as a local outstanding technology innovation company.

Source:融昕医疗 Reading:530 Date:2023-11-29

Recently, the 25th China International High-Tech Achievement Fair concluded in Shenzhen. As part of the fair, Baoan District showcased its high-quality resources in technology, cultural innovation, and intangible cultural heritage at the Baoan Exhibition Highline Park. The "Baoan Technology + Cultural Innovation Exhibition Hall" made a stunning appearance.


Resvent Medical was honored to be invited as a local outstanding technology innovation company, showcasing medical and home respiratory diagnostic and treatment products to visitors nationwide. Under the theme of "Technology Assistance + Cultural Display," the exhibition aimed to showcase the splendor of Baoan and attract domestic and foreign merchants and audiences to appreciate its charm, in line with the "technology and cultural innovation" exhibition theme.

The respiratory products of Resvent Medical attracted many visitors within the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is set to be open for display over the course of a year, utilizing the "box" architecture in the second-floor public area of the Highline Park to create a concentrated display area for Baoan's high-tech products and consumer electronics. It will also provide science education, intangible cultural heritage displays, interactive experiences, and multi-dimensional displays to showcase the charm of Baoan's technology and cultural innovation.

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