Medica Day2 | Resvent Medical’s New Products Obtains Customers`s Favor

Source:融昕医疗 Reading:650 Date:2023-11-15

The second day of the Medica 2023, Resvent Medical booth Hall9 9E41-1 continues to attract customers from all over the world.




Customers have strong interest and cooperation intentions for Resvent's new product of lung diagnosis and imaging, EIT-iNueview (Thoracic Electrical Impedance Tomography). This product continuously generates tomographic images of lung ventilation through electrical impedance tomography, achieving clinical side-by-side visual real-time monitoring of lung ventilation. It helps doctors achieve clinical needs such as lung recruitment maneuver, tidal volume setting, PEEP titration, prone positioning ventilation monitoring, high-flow oxygen therapy evaluation, ventilator weaning evaluation and prediction.
EIT-iNueview is composed of a host and a chest belt, with a more comprehensive graphical interface, real-time lung ventilation images, real-time electrical impedance, regional electrical impedance percentage calculation of real-time dynamic images and end-inspiratory images, intuitive evaluation of lung compliance, accurate titration of PEEP, data review function to help doctors understand the development of patient conditions and analyze treatment effects.

iBreeze III household positive pressure ventilation respiratory therapy(APAP) machine


As the latest household APAP machine in 2023, iBreeze III optimizes the synchronization algorithm of the ventilator with an inert turbine and efficient air duct design to create an ultra-quiet sleeping environment and comfortable breathing experience. The new automatic design achieves automatic regulation of ventilator pressure, waterproof backflow prevention, automatic humidification and automatic start-stop. iBreeze III will bring a new revolutionary sleep respiratory experience, which is also welcomed by many customers at the exhibition.

Medical ventilator RS300 and RV200


RS300 high-end therapeutic ventilator and RV200 portable full-function therapeutic ventilator have been validated by years of market and clinical verification and customer recognition. There are still customers coming to experience and discuss these two Resvent medical ventilators at the exhibition site. Resvent's research and development team is also continuously optimizing product algorithms and functions based on customer feedback in clinical applications, continuously bringing the best medical ventilators to the market.

The Resvent team will continue to deeply understand clinical application needs in the fields of respiratory chronic disease diagnosis and treatment, severe mechanical ventilation, AI and digital medicine, intelligent cloud information systems, rely on their strong R&D strength to give full play to creative potential, continuously innovate and launch high-quality medical solutions to protect the health of patients and their families.


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