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Touch from Now

RX-800A, the flagship model of RX-800 series infant incubator supports
a 10.2 inch high resolution touch-screen, which whilst allows direct
access to all parameters, trend curve, alarm management, as well as
users’ setting intuitively. Moreover, a thoughtful lockable touch-screen
protocol can maximize the safety of operation even during the most hasty
situation in NICU.

Better Usability

Employing the latest technologies, resvent incubators support an
extensive range of features and functionality to ease the work flow
efficiently and effectively. Special design in performance and
ergonomics such as adjustable baby cabin, abundant working modes
and monitoring parameters and universal accessories can help to
reduce the complex daily workload.

More Safety

Safety of cradle has been considered on top priority in all aspects of
product design. In entire range of RX-800 series, both audible and visual
alarms are available. Comprehensive alarm protocol, including power
failure, sensor failure, temperature over high & low, fan failure etc.
provide clinicians the maximum confidence and guarantee during their
daily clinical challenge.

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