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Compared with traditional sleep testing devices, ResAssist link is a cloud based
portfolio for home using sleep diagnosis. All diagnosis data can be kept in a
center data server, which could be part of particular patient’ s case report.
Along with respiratory therapy data, a full scenario of patient historical details
becomes accessible.


Normally, all diagnosis data of patient during night sleep can be viewed only
after the whole process done in the morning. With resvent cutting edge
technology, a timely monitoring on SpO2, Pulse rate, Flow, Snoring,
Respiration and Body position becomes to possible. Same will offer the
clinician a more skillful overview on patient’ s situation.


A bluetooth wireless protocol has been adopted on pulse oximeter for SpO2
and pulse rate monitoring in ResAssist
link solution. With the help of it, the
affection to the patient from system can be minimized throughout the night.

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