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Q:How can I identify a mask suit me or not ?

A:Selecting a comfortable mask is very important for a PAP user. Since an uncomfortable mask will bring a unscheduled using for you and to reduce the compliance. You should take suggestion from your service provider and wear as many masks as you can for selecting. Mask fit function on iBreeze series will assist you on that also.

Q:Should I go for a nasal mask, full face mask, or nasal pillow ?

A:Nasal mask and nasal pillow will cover the nose only. And full face mask will cover the nose as well as mouth. Mask type that suits you depends on personal preferences and you could put a trial on all the types for your own choice. However, if you are a BPAP device user, we would recommend you to go for a full face mask to achieve a better theraputic output.

Q:How often should I get a new mask ?

A:Like any accessories, your mask cushion becomes worn out over time and need to be replaced to enable an optimal comfort. In case your mask becomes inelastic, broken, you should think about to have a new one. There is mask replacing reminder function on iBreeze series, you could approach your service provider for more details.

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