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CPAP system can delivery a presetting supporting pressure to the patient during the therapy. If you are a regular PAP system user, and has a stable & effective therapy pressure given by doctor, CPAP system is good choice indeed.


APAP(auto CPAP) system can delivery a variable supporting pressure during the therapy within the range given by doctor as per the patient' s symptom. Actually, APAP system can maximize the confortableness during the therapy. In iBreeze series, resvent offers 20A Pro APAP, which is particularly designed for women. More gentle way to delivery the air, more sensitiveness to response a trigger, are the concept innocation on 20A Pro APAP.


BPAP system can delivery 2 supporting pressure (supporting pressure rang on auto BPAP) to the patient during the therapy. BPAP system is suitable for those patients who have little bit serious respiratory disorder diseases. T mode on BPAP system can offer a time backup in case an apnea happens, to ensure the patient' s safety.

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