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MEDICA 2019, a breeze regarding healthcare
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A tireless Rhine goes across Dusseldorf and brings the newest innovation in medical industries from the world to this gateway on every November since past half century. At this year' s MEDICA, resvent showcased the latest products and solutions in Respiration andVentilation.

Integrated with all the cutting edge technologies in sleep disorder therapy field, as a flagship model in resvent portfolio, iBreeze series PAP solution can meet all your expectation in a PAP' s regards. Up to 5 inch touch display along with friendly user interaction, getting familiar with your daily partner is ever, never a headache any more. Climate type of tube, leakage compensation and volume assurance algorithmalso bring the confidence and safety to the patients for the maximum.

With the smallest premium CPAP system in the world - RXiBreeze plus, patient even can ignore all obstacles between therapy & freedom. With 3.5 inch intuitive touch screen, up to 12h battery backup solution, performing humidifier with integrated heating tube system, all these wowed the crowd during the show. Moreover, There is one thing you might be interested is that, RXiBreeze plus past the FAA test and you can even enjoy your fine therapeutic sleep during long distance journey on airplane.

With the list goes on, iHope series turbine based high end ventilator pop up in front of us. With help of iHope RS300, care givers can deliver single limb non-invasive ventilation and double limb invasive ventilation to his/her patients without changing to another machine. A collapsible 18.5 inch display of it centralizes all the monitoring data of patient and assure a single glimpsefrom clinicians is enough and return back time of clinicians to the patients.
A iHope RV also give more confidence to care givers during intra hospital transportation. Collapsible screen, up to 6h battery backup time, full patients category from adult to neonatal also attracted bulk quiries from visitors.

Let us see you in MEDICA 2020, which will be the 5th year of resvent' s attending in MEDICA and experience more innovation with resvent in Dusseldorf.

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